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In most cases, we offer an hourly rate.  For residential customers, we have a one hour minimum and our first hour (during regular business hours) is at $150 per hour.  Each additional hour (at regular business hours) is at $125/hour charged in 15 minute increments (15 minutes = $31.25).  Our time begins when we arrive and ends when we have completed writing the invoice.  

For commercial properties our one hour minimum will be $175 and additional time will be $150 per hour.  Also, if your home is a multi-unit property with more than 2 levels (stories) it will be considered a commercial property. 

For estimates, we, as a smaller company, try to give estimates over the phone.  Often times we will request pictures or inspection reports if they are available.  In the event we need to give a quote in person, estimates have a minimum $100 fee (if tools are required or our plumbers need to access the crawlspace or attic we will have our one-hour minimum charge) and as long as the service location is within our standard coverage area. 

For Quotes from Inspection Reports: (for more information go to our Services Page)

  1. 10 items or less = $75 cost to provide estimate (½ Hourly Rate for Plumber)

  2. 10 items - 20 = $150 cost to provide estimate (1 Hour Minimum for Plumber)

  3. 20+ = $150+ (Will Discuss with home owner.) 

If you have any additional information or would like more clarification, please let us know 619.618.5700 or email

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